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What Can a Traffic Bot Generator Do For My Website?


Traffic bots – sly software that tricks Google into thinking you own or manage a popular web site and rockets you up to the top of keyword search results? That’s all it can do, right?

While this might be the most common use for these automated bits of code that behave like human visitors, most marketers and analysts use website bot traffic generators for multiple purposes. So if you want to buy targeted traffic that converts & a traffic bot generator, make sure you’re aware of how best to implement it.

Can Bots Convert?

The first thing to bear in mind when using an advanced traffic generator is to understand what a bot conversion means for your business:

  • Bot conversation does not mean sales
  • Bot conversion does not mean signups
  • Bot conversion means better targeted visitor volumes
  • Bot conversion means multiple page navigation
  • Bot conversion means clicks

To get more than just visitor numbers, traffic bot generators need to offer advanced options. There’s no point in only ordering bots to arrive on your website. They can do more than that and, as with all marketing strategies, getting the best return on investment counts.

Bot Traffic Generator Options

While there is no proof that bounce rates affect rankings in the major search engines (there are just too many variables for this to be a worthwhile measure of user experience), paying for a bot to simply arrive and leave is a waste. This basic bot function is all non-advanced programs can do. Only use bot visitor generators that give multiple options. These include:

  • Emulated traffic that bypasses most blocking software
  • Preferred referrers such as social media platforms
  • Bounce rate specifications
  • Specified % that visits certain links on specific pages
  • Selected bot geolocations
  • Spreading your order over any time (up to 30 days)
  • Exclusion of CSS, JS, images and Flash loading for better loading speeds
  • Bots landing from predetermined devices & browsers

How Best To Use Your Bot Traffic

So how can an advanced traffic bot generator improve your marketing strategies? You can use them for the following functions:

  • View websites via a specific pathway
  • Stay on pages for predetermined timespans
  • View marketplace stores
  • View social media profiles
  • Some bots will fill out lead generation forms (not recommended)
  • Click on your PPC ads with a minimal chance of detection 
  • Provide data to test analytics programs
  • Provide data to test website capacity and peak-time speeds
  • Help increase rankings on all search engines, including voice search  (Alexa)
  • Support marketing campaigns that rely on volume

Diabolic Labs Advanced Bot Traffic Generator

The Diabolic Labs bot code is both clever and adjustable. It allows you to take advantage of all the options listed above. Furthermore, it’s been around for years and has been tried and tested by businesses all over the globe. 

While you can find videos on social media that show you how to add a few lines of HTML code to your existing website to generate bot traffic, never make changes without being fully aware of what that code means and truly does. Purchasing a fully-developed program is always your best bet. An advanced tool lets you to get the most out of fake website traffic that just happens to be extremely useful and cost effective, too.

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