What Is News And Press Release?

In the world of journalism, it can be easy to mistake news for press release and vice versa. If you want to truly be informed, you need to know which is which so that you will have the right mind set when reading these particular pieces. Now, it’s worth noting that most of the time, both of these things can seem indistinguishable from one another. If you look close enough, however, you’ll know which is which.



In a nutshell,news is the preferred format for delivering information with regards to current events that might be pertinent public knowledge. This includes disasters, political developments, industry shifts, scientific discoveries, and incidents involving health and medicine. News or journalism is worth taking seriously because this is basically how the public is kept informed about events that they need to keep in mind.

News AppNews about wars, natural calamities, and disease outbreaks are particularly important because it allows people to make certain decisions that could mitigate damages such as staying indoors or reporting to the appropriate facilities as advised by the government. Unfortunately, this is also what makes news a tempting prospect for parasites.

The recent uptick in fake news consumption and publication is the most telling sign of how susceptible people can be to being tricked into believing anything so long as it masquerades as actual journalism. This is why it is even more important for real journalists to step up their game and win back the trust of the public and for people to be more discerning of the information that they are getting.


Press Release

Press ReleaseBroadly speaking, a Press Release is an article or statement that is presented with a similar format to news. It basically provides the readers with the information that the writer or publisher believes is pertinent, though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the whole story. If you really want to put this type of information delivery in a basket, it is basically a means of pushing an agenda, which is not what news is about.

A company press release, for example, is meant to manipulate the view of the readers in a way that would be to the company’s favour. This can involve anything from an unveiling of a new product or trying to shift attention from a brewing scandal. As such, while a press release might provide information that are grains of truth, it rarely ever presents more than one side of a story.

On that note, it shouldn’t be assumed that a company producing a press release is already doing something bad. Pretty much every business entity in the world is engaging in a PR stunt of some kind in order to drum up attention. Most of the time, a press release is simply a means of putting a product, a service, or the company itself in a good light in order to influence the opinion of the public. This is done to gain not only the interest of customers, but also to be in a better position to attract investors.